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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​These are loans granted to individuals for the purchase of a home or  transfer of a mortgage from another financial institution guaranteed by the property to be acquired. This is a loan can be granted in dominican pesos (RD$) and in terms of up to ​20 ​ years.​


​>​​ ​ Attractive interest rates. 

>​​  Real estate property portfolio available for selection at Inmobiliaria Reservas  / Properties.

>​​    Preferential treatment with Seguros Reservas. ​
>​​  ​  Financial care and advice.

>​​  Recurring electronic payments charged to your accounts. ​


Pre-approval requirements: ​​

1. Duly completed and signed mortgage loan application form. 
​2.. Copy of Identity and Electoral Card, Passport and social security of the applicant(s) and spouse. 
 3. Copy of marriage certificate (If applicable). ​
​4.  If the client resides in Europe, Income Certification is required for credit approval. 
​​5. If the client resides in the United States, Income Tax (certified by the IRS) and W2 Form of the last two (2) years is required for credit approval. ​
​6. Buyers proof of income (work letter /  last 6 account statements). If applicable, the following can be presented as additional income: Payroll receipts for the last six months / Income  from ownership of company shares / Income from remittances / Income from real estate rental (present copy of  tittle and a copy of the contract ) / Financial certificates / Service contracts and income from own businesses. 
​7. ​Signed internacional bureau inquiry form. 
​8.  Passport and / or residence permit. 

-    Requirements for formal approval:

1. Valuation of the property. (See Authorized External Appraisers)
2. Sworn affidavit from the insurance company, and medical examinations, if required. 
3. Photocopy of deed title. The original to be required after approval. ​
4. Investment option contract, or alternatively, a letter of commitment for a sales offer, indicating price, location, and cadastral description.  
5. Condo declaration, if applicable, (resolution issued by the Superior Land Court). 
6.  Have a checking or savings account and sign an authorization for debiting your account in order to collect the loan installment and to pay for Life and Property Insurance. 
7. Complete and sign the W9 form  (provided by the bank at the time of opening  the account or if it has been active for more than 12 months).
​8.  Current Legal Status Certificaction, which is issued by the local Title Registry. 
​9. For Mortgage loans, the collateral of the loan must correspond to real estate located in the Dominican Republic,  properties abroad will not be allowed as collateral to obtain the loan. 
10. If the property is encumbered, a debt certification letter must be attached. 
​11. Current Real Estate Tax Certification or affidavit of the property stating its exemption, issued by the General Directorate of Internal Taxes  (DGII).  
12. In  the event that there is a legal representative, a Power of Attorney legalized and apostilled by the Dominican  Consulate in the country of residence and stamped by the SUB registry of persons is required. Must indicate a legal representative in the country for contract signing and account opening. ​

1​3. Copy of proxy's identity document. 
14. If the seller is a company, it must submit a certified copy of the Bylaws, and the minutes of the current  Assembly where the sale of the property was authorized. Minutes of the Ordinary General Assembly that elected the last Board of Directors and its list of attendance. ​
1​5. Address, telephone number and copy of the identity and Electoral Card of the company's representative.  
16. Copy of National Taxpayer registry and Commercial registry.  

17. The client must be registered as a Taxpayer at the General Directorate of Internal Revenue (DGII).(Registration can be done through the DGII website). 
​18. Signed Income and Expense Situation Statement Form for amounts up to RD$4,999,999.00
​19. In cases of 5 to 10 million, the form must be stamped by a CPA, (for over 10 million, audited Financial Statements are needed). 

​It should be noted that at the time of evaluating the file, new requiremets may arise. 


​Late fee
Early payment penalty  
​​​2.5% calculated on the amortized value, for making a capital payment greater than 30% before 36 months. ​