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​​​​With Banresevas remittances, you receive the funds easily, quickly, and safely, from anywhere in the world.
  • Payment method through bank account deposit or cash payment at the counter. 
  • We recive and transfer to all parts of the world, except restricted countries. 
  • Maximum amount allowed is US $ 10,000 or its equivalent in dominican pesos, per client per month. 


For the recipient:

  • Receive money directly into your account in dominican pesos or dollars immediately.  
  • ​ More than 300 offices, 1,500 ATMs  and Banreservas Subagents to withdraw the remittances sent ​directly to the account. 
  • Create banking history. 
  • Access to financial products (Savings Accounts, Credit Cards, Loans, etc.).
  • App Banreservas to consult the remittances deposited to the account and carry out all your transactions from wherever you are. 
  • Access to participate in promotions. 
  • Debit card for local and international use linked to your account to make purchases and pay for services. 

For the sender:

  • Support from a reliable and secure bank. 
  • Make transfers in dominican pesos or dollars. 
  • There is no minimum amount to send remittances.
  • A simple and fast procces for the sender. 
  • Monthly payments can be made on consumer loans, mortgages, credit cards, among others. 
  • Our service is available to the public (there is no need to be a Banreservas customer). 


  •  We offer international and domestic remittance services for collection at any of our offices, these are done through Money Gram and RIA platform. 
​Amount of Remittance


Up to Dominican Pesos 

Up to



Local remittances 

​Rest of the world 

​ ​ ​ ​​

Up to 

Local remittances 
​2​% of the remittance amount 
Up to 
US$ 100.00

​Latin America and the Caribbean
US$ 100.00
​3% of the remittance amount 
Up to 

​Rest of the world 

US$ 100.00
​5% of the remittance amount 

Note: For the purpose of charges to the client, Puerto Rico, the US Virgen Islands, and Haiti are considered as rest of the world. 






Remittances Mortgage Loans 


 In order to thank the loyalty of all our customers who receive and send remittances through us, at Banreservas we have designed a special offerr of mortgage loans so that all Dominicans have the opportunity to buy the home they so desire, at preferential rates and up to 20 years to complete payment. 

 With the Remittances Mortgage Loan, you can finance up to 80% of the appraisal value of the property you want (house or apartment) on a personal capacity.  

 We also invite you to consult our website, on the lower right section, "sales of goods, list of available goods and low-cost properties" so that you can have the opportunity to choose the home of yor dreams.