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This is the Reservas Health Risks Administrator, with more than 25 years of experience providing a holistic offer in health services Administration. 

Disponemos ARS Reservas provides a wide network of health providers that allows us to offer our policyholders a high-quality, personalized medical attetion thoughout the country.  


We have been in the Dominican insurance sector for more than 20 years, committed to evolving and adapting to market changes. Our products and services are designed to generate value and offer memorable experiences that support every life stage of our policyholders and protect their assets. We offer a broad portfolio of health, life travel, vehicle, properties, and bond insurances.  

The Pension Fund Administrator (AFP, abbreviation in Spanish) is a financial subsidary branch of the Reservas Group. its focus on managing pension plans and funds for public and private sector workers in the Dominican Republic. We guarantee efficient administration of the economic resources under our custody to ensure sustained growth over time. We provide advice on the pension modalities contained in law 87-01, its opportunities, and risk, therefore that our affiliates can obtain the best return based on their interests and expectations.  


As part of the companies that compose the Reservas Group, the Fiduciaria Reservas is constituted to act as trustee in the management and administration of all types of trusts. We guarantee the quality of our products, service excellence and offer our clientes new businesses, mitigating risk by facilitating access to credit. 


AFI Reservas is an entity regulated by the Dominican Stock Market Superintendency (SIMV, abbreviation in Spanish) whose objective is to provide the best possible investment funds management. Our goal is to provide the most effctive investment options based on the experience and credibility of Reservas subsidiaries.  

We offer the following funds: Quisqueya, for short-term investment in Dominican pesos, Bohío for medium.term investment in Dominican pesos, Larimar for long-term investment in Dominican Pesos, and Caoba for long-term investment in US dollars.   


Inversiones & Reservas is the investment broker of the Reservas Group, dedicated to securities brokerage. It provides its clients with the support they need to invest wisely in financial products that best suits their goals and investor profile.  

We offer the following instruments: Securities of the Dominican Central Bank and Treasury Department as well as Corporate Securities.  


Inmobiliaria Reservas is the real estate subsidiary, dedicated to the development and sale of a wide variety of real estate solutions thoughout the Dominican Republic. These include apartments, houses, lots commercial units, farms, tourist, and industrial properties. 

As subsidiary of the Reservas Group, we offer attractive conditions for financing management, life and property and building insurances, trust negotiation, endorsed by Banreservas and its subsidiary companies.  ​